Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the app?

It’s as simple as sleeping in on the weekend! Just go to the App Store, search for “BubbleBanter”, appreciate the pop art, and tap the “Get” button to install.

Is it available for Android?

The app is not available for Android yet, but word on the street is that our amazing techies are working hard to make your Android dreams come true. However, all you iPhone junkies can rejoice because we’re in your app store, waiting for you to come get us.

Can I use my own photos?

Yes! We have faith in your photography skills so we have given you the option of either uploading an image from your photo library, or snapping a new pic on your phones camera. Under "Images" click on the "Camera Icon" to use images from your library or take a photo on your camera.

How do I buy additional art bundles?

Under Images you will see a bunch of additional art bundles to choose from, such as “Dogs”, “Pop People” etc. Simply tap on any image within a bundle to purchase the bundle.

How do I make the text bigger in the bubbles?

How cool is this... the text is auto-fitted for your convenience! For longer sentences manually insert a line break (tap return to move on to next line) and the text size will increase.

How do I upload my memes?

Once you are happy with your creation, scroll to the right at the bottom of the screen, until you see a Share button. This allows you to upload your memes to all social media networks. If you’re not sure about uploading right away, you can also Save your meme and upload it manually from your phone at a later stage.

To add it to our website simply Login, head over to the Meme Grid page and tap on the “Upload Meme” button to share your Banter.

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